Dangerous Goods Storage

If your business is engaged in the distribution and storage of dangerous goods, you will need our products and services. Government regulators and agencies require all businesses to follow the prescribe standards on dangerous good storage. The primary objective of the law is to ensure the safety of your employees and customers and protect the environment from the damaging effects of chemical spills. Some of the dangerous goods that require secure storage are flammable, oxidizing or toxic, and infectious substances. Others are explosives, gases and materials that are corrosive or radioactive. These goods are strictly regulated in order to keep the people and the environment safe from the potential hazard that they may bring. Thus, companies are required to implement an emergency response plan to effectively contain any spill of dangerous substance in the workplace. Failure of your company to contain these substances may result in huge fines and legal problems. But why let these things happen if there are companies like us who can help you with your needs.

Some of the storage products and kits that we offer are flammable liquids cabinet and corrosive liquids cabinet. These products meet and even exceed the standards on dangerous goods storage. We will help you install these storage cabinets in strategic spots in your company, particularly in areas where dangerous goods are stored. Aside from the storage kits that we sell, we also offer spill management programs and training for those who are involve in spill containment. Our comprehensive service offerings make us the go-to guys of small to large businesses in NSW and nearby states.

Please check the features of our products below to determine the best storage kit for your company. We are sure that you will find the dangerous goods storage kits that would suit your needs! You may also call us at 1300-623-749 to learn more about our products and services.

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