Drain Warden

Drain Warden
Unit: each
Length 1.3m x Width 1.3m x Depth 600mm
Price : $210.00
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Description: Installed beneath the drain grate, the Drain Warden effectively removes coarse sediments, oil, litter and debris from run off.

The unique design of the Drain Warden uses a polypropylene non woven geotextile fabric as a filter medium and a polypropylene absorbent boom for hydrocarbon absorption.


Ideal for use in car parks, delivery docks, service areas, construction sites and industrial plants.


The Drain Warden operates in a similar fashion to a gross pollutant trap. Runoff water will tend to ‘swirl’ inside the Drain Warden when it enters the pit. Any particulate greater than the pore size of the fabric will be trapped by the geotextile fabric. The hydrocarbons will be absorbed by the hydrophobic boom suspended beneath the grate.

The Drain Warden has overflow pockets to facilitate large volume flows (ie. rain events).


non woven geotextile - 260gsm - 90 micron pore size - flow rate 80L/m2/sec

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Mini Boom

 - polypropylene
 - 125mm Dia x 300mmL
    - 1mL cord
    - absorbent capacity 2L
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