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Spill Kits

Safety in the workplace should be the top priority of every business owner. There should be a safe working environment and a well-thought-out emergency response plan. The emergency plan must include detailed procedures when responding to spill incidents in the workplace. It is also vital to have spill kits that can handle non-corrosive and corrosive liquids. Read more about Spill Kits >>

Dangerous Goods Segregation and Bulk Liquid Handling

Companies should adopt policies and work procedures that comply with existing laws and regulations. And one of the areas that must be given utmost importance is the proper handling of dangerous goods and bulk liquid inside the workplace. Improper handling of chemicals and other hazardous materials may result in health risks and accidents in the workplace. Read more about Dangerous Goods Handling >>

Spill Response Products

Anything could go wrong inside a workplace – a fire, slip-and-fall accident, or a chemical spill. If your company happens to have hazardous materials like solvents, hydrocarbons, oil, or paints, it’s all the more vital to have complete spill response products within reach. There are recommended supplies that you must buy to respond to different types of chemical and industrial spills. Read more about Spill Response Products >>

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Guidelines

Are you planning to engage in the transport of dangerous goods and materials? Is your current business involved in transporting products that are regulated and classified as dangerous goods? If yes, your business should be guided by the Australian Dangerous Goods Code and other state legislations. It is a must for every company to follow the transportation of dangerous goods guidelines. Read more about Dangerous Goods Transportation >>

Personal Protective Equipment

To ensure safety in the workplace, you need to have a complete inventory of personal protective equipment for your employees. You may also need additional sets for your visitors, contractors, and clients. Just make sure that you get your PPE from reliable suppliers and manufacturers. It is better if you choose suppliers who are also providing hazard control training and safety risk management. Read more about Personal Protective Equipment >>

Spill Training Services

A lot of companies in NSW, VIC, QLD and other States are offering various spill training services. But before you hire one, make sure that the company is qualified and experienced in the industry. You want to select a company that has hands-on industry experience, professional trainers, and are highly accredited. This will ensure that your people will be properly trained in handling all kinds of spills in the workplace. Read more about Spill Training Services >>

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