OIL & FUEL Spill Kits & Restock Items

  • Oil and fuel booms. These are perfect solutions for spills involving hydrocarbon materials. They are made from sturdy polypropylene material that possesses outstanding absorbency. Take note that they are not designed to contain water and water-based liquid spills.
  • Oil and fuel pads. They are ideal for land and water spills as they work quickly. You may use them to address fuel and oil spills in your area.
  • Floating oil and fuel booms. We recommend them for use in creeks, waste water collection pits, small marinas, water courses, and collection ponds. They are best for spill containment and absorption of hydrocarbons like oil and fuel.
  • Oil and fuel blanket rolls. Get these products so you will be ready when a hydrocarbon spill happens in your workplace or home. They are best for spills covering large areas.

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