Super Spill Solutions has been helping industrial and commercial companies create a safer work environment by offering them with high quality spill response products. Our reasonably-priced spill management products include spill kits, spill containment items, general purpose products, oil and fuel pads, booms, blanket rolls, PPEs, dangerous goods storage, HazChem products, and safety showers. These products are tested for quality and effectiveness, so you’re assured of their reliable performance when you needed them most.

Our company offers a complete range of spill management products that includes:

  • Spill Kits. We provide top-grade transport style and wheelie bin style spill kits that can offer quick spill management capabilities. The wheelie bin style kits come with general purpose booms, disposal bags and ties, Super Kleen Sweep, heavy duty pads, and information guides. Meanwhile, the transport style kits include heavy duty pads, booms, gloves, waste disposal bags and ties, and information guides. We also offer other spill kits such as Bio Haz, Cytotoxic, and Lab Kit, as well as spill kit accessories. Read More About Spill Kits >>

  • General Purpose Products. Our general purpose items include Super Kleen Sweep, general purpose pads, booms, sorbs, and blanket rolls. These products are ideal for most types of simple spill situations so they’re definite must-haves in workplaces and commercial areas. Read More About General Purpose Products >>

  • Oil and Fuel Products. We can supply you with high quality pads, booms, and blanket rolls to contain most types of oil and fuel spills. These products offer excellent absorption so you can address spills quickly and effectively. Read More About Oil and Fuel Products >>

  • HazChem Products. Our company offers kits that can handle various hazardous chemical products. These products are proven to provide efficient spill containment and removal. Some of the products that we include in this kit are Super Multisorbs, heavy duty Hazchem pads, blanket rolls, and booms. Read More About HazChem Products >>

  • Spill Containment. We provide topnotch spill containment supplies including bulk liquid containment pallets, spill decks, and secondary containment bunds. We also offer silt socks to manage sediment runoff and silt curtains to control silt suspended in water. Read More About Spill Containment >>

  • Storm Water Management. Call us and we will provide you with high quality storm water management products such as drain wardens, seals, and markings. These cost-effective supplies will ensure that you can manage any storm water contamination concerns. Read More About Storm Water Management >>

  • Dangerous Goods Storage. You can tap our services if you need the right dangerous goods storage for your site. We offer heavy duty cabinets for flammable liquids, as well as cabinets for corrosive liquids. Read More About Dangerous Goods Storage >>

  • Safety Showers. We supply safety showers and portable eyewash units so you and your personnel can immediately remove mild chemicals and other contaminants. Read More About Safety Showers >>

  • PPEs and Other Products. We offer personal protective equipment (PPEs) including chemical resistant and nitrile gloves, as well as other spill management items like waste disposal bags and ties, brooms, dust pan and brush, shovels, and spill control signs. These supplies provide protection during spill control operations and facilitate most types of spill response tasks.Read More About PPEs and Other Products >>

  • Safety Signage. We stock a wide range of Dangerous Goods Diamond signage for all types of spills and warnings. There are also a variety of Hazard Danger Signs and Emergency Information Signage. Read more about Safety Signage >>

Call us now at 1300-623-749 for inquiries on our services and products. We can provide you with the spill response products that your workplace requires and we also offer professional spill training workshops at client-friendly rates.

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