Spill Containment

Here are the different spill containment products that we offer:

  • Bulk liquid drum containment pallets. These are designed to be easily moved from one area to another and are preferred for their all-weather features. They are capable of handling bulk liquids and come in 2-drum and 4-drum configuration. Please note that they are not designed for aggressive chemicals.
  • IBC drum containment pallets. They are available in 1-drum and 2-drum construction and functions pretty much like the drum containment pallets. Their tough poly build makes them ideal for storing most liquid types except aggressive liquids.
  • IBC PVC frame outdoor cover. This is considered as a cheap way of turning any bunded pallet into a unit that could withstand the elements.
  • Spill decks. They come in 2-drum, 4-drum- and 6-drum options and are perfect for low profile spill situations.
  • Collapsible drive over bund. Perfect for warehouses, factories, and sealed surfaces.
  • Silt curtain. Ideal for controlling silt that is suspended in water to prevent continued spread. Used widely in marine construction sites and dredging/piling.

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