Spill Kits

Companies that deal or handle oils, chemicals, hazardous substances must always be prepared to handle accidental spills. They are required by law to have spill kits ready in case such untoward incidents occur within their premises. But having just any kind of spill kit won’t do the trick, since different substances require specific kits to effectively handle the situation. With the right spill kit, one can effectively reduce damages and health risks to employees, guests, and customers. Your company can also avoid the high costs of major spill cleanups and even the hassle of legal problems for failure to handle spills correctly and promptly.

Your next move is to get these products from a well-trusted company like us at Super Spill Solutions. For years, we have been offering spill kit management service to small and large businesses in Australia. We have high quality spill kits and other top-quality spill response products to make your company always ready to tackle any spill problem. Additionally, we can provide professional training for your people on how to best handle spill response. Together, we can help you and your people become prepared for all kinds of spills.

Aside from the typical spill kits that we offer, our company can also provide kits that will suit clients’ needs. We can customize the specific kits complete with the specific materials that they need. Just let us know about your spill management requirements and we will customize the perfect kits for you.

Get the Right Spill Kits for Your Company

A spill kit placed strategically in your property will help quickly address any spill situation. You must have spill kits for hazardous chemicals, hydrocarbons, and various types of liquids. Specifically, these are the various spill kit products that we offer:

  • Wheelie Bin Style Spill Kits – Our Wheelie Bin Style Spill Kits come in four different types in 120L and 240L. We offer General Purpose Spill Kits ideal for non-aggressive chemicals such as hydrocarbons, solvents, and paints. Meanwhile, our Oil and Fuel Spill Kits are designed specifically to address all spill kits involving hydrocarbons including oil, fuel, and diesel. On the other hand, our HazChem Spill Kits are the best kits for hazardous chemical spills. Lastly, go for our Marine Spill Kit if you need a kit meant for hydrocarbon spills on ports, waterways, marinas, and creeks.

  • Transport Style Spill Kits – Our Transport Style Spill Kits are available in three configurations in 20L and 40L. We have the General Purpose Transport Kit that is ideal for spills involving paints, solvents, hydrocarbons, and similar non-aggressive chemicals. Our HazChem Transport Kits, meanwhile, are designed to handle aggressive chemical spills and other liquids. Finally, our Oil and Fuel Transport Kits are perfect for oil, fuel, and diesel spills.

Biohazard Spill Kits Available

Our company also offers biohazard kits for use on infectious waste, feces, vomit, blood, and urine. The kits have the basic protective equipment and items that facilitates quick and effective cleanup of such type of spill. We also offer Cytotoxic Spill Kits for effortless cytotoxic chemical spills, whether powder or liquid. Our SSS Lab Kit is designed for use on most liquids, including aggressive chemicals. Aside from our various spill kits, we also offer spill kit accessories such as spill kit protector.

Super Spill Solutions is definitely your go-to place for reliable spill kits and other spill response products. Call us now at 1300-623-749 for more details on the products that we offer.
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