Wheelie Bin Style Spill Kits

Super Spill Solutions has a complete product line for all kinds of workplace spills. As a leader in the spill response industry, we guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the spill kits that we offer. You can rely on us for all your spill response needs and requirements. Whether you need general purpose kits or spill kits for hazardous chemicals, we have them in our inventory. Our wheelie bin style spill kits are also designed for easy deployment during emergency spills.

Here are the different types of wheelie bin style spill kits that you can purchase from Super Spill Solutions:

  • General Purpose Spill Kits
  • Oil and Fuel Spill Kits
  • HazChem Spill Kits
  • Marine Spill Kits

By getting the right type of wheelie bin style spill kits, you can effectively respond to any kind of spill incident inside your business premises. These kits are packed with all the items you need to effectively contain spills and other hazardous wastes. We can even customize your kits to meet your requirements. Call us today at 1300-623-749 for your orders or to replenish your spill kits.

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